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The Management of Mexican CSOs

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The Management of Mexican CSOs

Documento de discusión sobre el tercer sector. Núm. 41

Alejandro Natal


This paper critically discusses the problems related with the management of civil society organizations (CSOs) in Mexico. It examines the reluctance of Mexicans to use the concept of management as well as some of the Mexican COS´s negative attitudes towards management. It also analyses the trends in the offer on management education, CSOs can access in Mexico and argues that it is plagued by misinformed and incomplete understandings of CSOs. One that portrays them as depoliticized actors with little relation with their context, or other that suggests they are hybrid socio-political coalitions that do not need to pay attention to managerial issues. Both misunderstandings are held not only by scholars but by the organizations themselves, and both tend to undervalue the importance of the organizational context. The objective of this paper is to discuss the urgent need for recognizing management as a central element in the sustainability of the sector and to critically draw attention to the need for a more sound discussion of its education needs.

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