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The Agenda on Civil Society Studies in Mexico

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The Agenda on Civil Society Studies in Mexico

Documento de discusión sobre el tercer sector. Núm. 42

Alejandro Natal Martínez/Carlos Chávez Becker


The academic landscape on civil society studies has changed dramatically in the last decades, especially since the 80s. The academic discussion on this topic has grown and has become more complex as a reflection of the growing, both in terms of size and importance, role of civil society in Mexico. In this paper, we present the different approaches, perspectives and streams of thought that have contributed in the analysis of Mexican civil society. Then, we divided them into five major schools or, at least, thought traditions, which we called: the freirian, the neo-marxist, the CEMEFI view, the Veracruzana School and the third sector perspective. The main objective of this work is to explain and to contribute to understand the different theoretically sources of the most important academic efforts on civil society studies and research. In addition, we propose a future research agenda that allowed us to discuss on different issues related with civil society analysis: research funding support, emerging actors, lobbying capacities and development issues.

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